Welcome to Endodontics & Dental Traumatology.


We are leaders in the painless saving of teeth and look forward to meeting you at your consultation.



Our Principal Endodontist

Dr. Mark Taylor

B.D.S (Syd) M.D.S (Adel) FPFA



Our Support Team

Maria (Clinical Manager)
Shova (Senior Endodontic Assistant)




















Guy (Endodontic Assistant)
Jade (Endodontic Assistant)





















Frances (Business Manager)
Patrick (Endodontic Assistant)

Practice Accreditation

The team at Endodontics & Dental Traumatology is committed to offering our patients the best possible care, and have therefore undertaken the rigorous process of Practice Accreditation.

Accreditation means that our practice has been recognised both independently and nationally to have met the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards. While not a mandatory requirement for Australian dental practices, our team strongly consider Accreditation imperative to provide optimal patient care, and to strive for excellence and improvement in patient relations, health and safety and legislative governance areas.